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9 August 2019
Added a major new discovery by Wolf Magnus. The first Apollo 17 USS Recovery cover that is known.

5 July 2019
Added a new section on Goldcraft covers. I am working on a section on Gordon covers.

7 June 2019
Added a Artopages cover with USS Okinawa postmark to Apollo 15 thanks to Joseph Volutza. Also added a Gemini 7 USS Wasp Type 2 Crew cover to Captain and Crew Covers thanks to Timothy Preston.

30 April 2019
No major additions. However, did add covers to Shuttle SRB Recovery Covers and Stamps and Minisheets. Also minor items to other pages so check your favourite page.

7 March 2019
Added a new discovery from Tom Steiner, a USS Nimble cover from Gemini 4! First one I've seen. Also added USS Skill and USS Vesole (not involved) covers to Gemini 4 thanks to Tom. All with Harry Gordon cachets.

24 February 2019
Added a  newly discovered variety of Apollo 6 USS Austin postmark. All postmarks to date have a dot after the M in AM. Now one has been discovered without the dot. Note that since the ink on the postmark is heavy, it seems unlikely that the dot missed being inked. Look out for this variey and please let me know if you find an example.

14 February 2019
Added a reply from Tom Steiner to the possible fake Beck like cover. Also added lots of new stamps with more to come.

14 February 2019
WARNING - Added a section on fake covers. At present it only lists one recently discovered, and reported on collectSPACE, Beck like cover but over time I'll add others. A must read section.


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