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10 October 2020
Added an extremely unusual postcard to Mercury 8. It is a preused GB postcard cancelled on the USS Kearsarge dispite no extra postage! Added several signed PRS covers to Skylab 2.

1 October 2020
Added another fake USS Wasp cover to Gemini 12 plus a fake USS Bennington cover to Apollo 4 both thanks to David Ball via collectSPACE. I also added a new table to Mercury 6 showing non Goldcraft covers which are very hard to find.

26 September 2020
Added a fake USS Wasp cover to Gemini 12 and to Fakes. This is the first example I've seen with non US stamps.

10 September 2020
Added a Netherlands postcard with Netherlands stamps from the USS Guadalcanal to Apollo 9. Also added a great Gemini 4 Captain's cover with the Commander Carrier Division Fourteen corner card.

31 August 2020
Added PRS covers with interesting cachets to Mercury 6, Mercury 7 and Mercury 8. All three sold on eBay.

24 August 2020
Added USS Goldsborough and USS New covers on Forces Air Letters to Apollo 11. Very unusual.

23 August 2020
Added a cover from the USNS Redstone to Apollo 13 containing a cachet indicating that the ship will no longer be operating with the Apollo Project. Cover thanks to Joseph Volutza. I wonder if such a cover exists for Apollo 12 as Apollo 11 was the last mission for the USNS Redstone? Added a cover for the SpaceX ship GO Navigator training for DM-2 to Training Missions.

21 August 2020
Added an original Apollo 11 Mission Emblem cover postmarked at KSC on 16 July 1969 with an additional Alameda 50th anniversary Moon Landing postmark and stamp. Added a cover with a special Western Samoa Recovery postmark to Apollo 16.

27 July 2020
Added an interesting series of covers with US Senate Press Gallery corner cards to Apollo 15, Skylab 2, Skylab 3 and Skylab 4.

23 July 2020
Added a cleverly done cover to 50th anniversary of the Moon landing covers. It is a reproduction of an Apollo 11 Captain's cover with a n Alameda 50th Anniversary station postmark. Added a Lorraine Carlson USS Pacific Fleet cachet to Mercury 9 to complement the Atlantic Fleet version.

8 July 2020
Added a remarkable cover from the USS Goodrich to Gemini 8. It seems to show the transition between the use of black ink and green. Most of the Navy RSC uses a darker than normal green ink (possible a mixing of black and green ink) while the NASA emblem uses black ink with small patches of green. Also added a USCGC Sweetgum cover with a postmark variation to STS-51 covers.

22 June 2020
Added a very colourful cover to Apollo 11 50th anniversay covers which has both Alameda and Cape Canaveral pictorial postmarks.  Also added a USS Kearsarge cover with a USNS Range Tracker corner card to Mercury 9. Added a USS Guadalcanal aerogram with a NASA cachet on the front and a Navy cachet on the back to Apollo 9.

18 April 2020
Unfortunately added six more fake Beck covers to Fakes

13 April 2020
Added an extremely unusual USS Wasp cover to Gemini 4. It is one of only two seen with blue cachets! It sold on eBay for US$113.50 despite the signatures being autopens!

12 April 2020
Added an interesting variation on the USS Spiegel Grove postmark to Apollo 14 thanks to Andre Gutmann. It involves a wider thicker Time Slug as compared to the common version. He also has made interesting observations about the no Time Slug version.

9 April 2020
Added a nice USS Austin Heritage Cover to Apollo 15 thanks to Timothy Preston.

8 April 2020
Added a number of covers thanks to Gerard Zonneveld. Firstly a new Apollo 11 US Hornet postmark variety with both the Time Slug and the Year missing (2 examples!). Next a different example from the series of Apollo 11 USS Hornet hand drawn covers. Also another example of the rare Apollo 11 US Hornet postmark with missing Time Slug. Finally an Apollo 12 Mission Emblem cover with the missing Time Slug postmark. Wow!!

4 April 2020
Added article showing that the oiler USS Kawishiwi was involved in the failed Gemini 6 mission. This is the first time I've seen the ship mentioned for this mission. It was replaced by the USS Ponchatoula for Gemini 6A.

16 March 2020
Added four more 50th Anniversary Moon landing covers to Apollo 11.

15 March 2020
Added an amusing hand drawn cover to Apollo 16. It appears to be drawn by the same artist who did one for Apollo 15. If anyone has other similar covers please let me know.

28 February 2020
Added an extremely rare GT-4 Captain's / Admiral's cover to Captain and Crew Covers.

12 February 2020
Added a nice USS Wasp Beck Crew cover to Gemini 4.

5 February 2020
Added to STS-51L the first seen cover from the USCGC Point Charles thanks to Tom Steiner. However there still appears to be no indication if it was involved in the recovery mission or not.

3 February 2020
I've started to document Harry Gordon cachets. More to come.

2 February 2020
Added a Gemini 9 Captain's cover with incorrect 4c postage to Captain and Crew Covers. Added a USS Benjamin Stoddert cover with a small orbit Swigert cachet to Apollo 13. Added a USS Spiegel Grove cover with a seldom seen Goldcraft cachet to Apollo 14. Added a USNS Vanguard cover with an unusual cachet to Apollo 7.

1 February 2020
Added another fake Beck like cover.  See the bottom of this page.

27 January 2020
Added two covers from Andre Gutmann. The first is from Skylab 4 and has both a machine and a hand cancel from Cape Canaveral. The second is from Apollo 16  Norfolk and uses a Canadian stamp rather than the required USA stamp.

23 January 2020
Added another fake Beck like cover.  See the bottom of this page. Added another Gemini 12 USS Wasp Crew cover.

12 January 2020
Added a warning about three more fake Beck Like covers on eBay! See the bottom of this page.

4 January 2020
Added a newly discovered USS Thomason postmark variation to Mercuey 9 thanks to Andre Gutmann. The ship's name is on the top of the postmark rather than the bottom. Also the time slug is PM rather than AM. Also added a USS Wasp cover with an unusual text cachet to Gemini 6A thanks to Timothy Preston.

23 December 2019
Major Find!
A Morris Beck un-numbered cover for Mercury 7 from the USS Fred T Berry was sold on eBay for Euro 113! This is only the third ship from MA-7 for which Beck covers are known. Although un-numbered I do not consider these crew covers. All three that I've seen are addressed to Morris Beck. It seems likely that he send these to the ships to be returned to him as an experiment before sending his numbered covers.

17 December 2019
Added a USS Hawkins Beck Crew cover to Apollo 12 thanks to Tony O'Brien. And this one includes the rare ship's name on the bottom of the postmark variety.

12 December 2019
Added a number of covers to SBR Recovery Covers.

8 December 2019
Added 3 unusual Gemini 12 Beck covers B709, B710 & B711 all with identical dual Cape Canaveral postmarks for the 11 & 15 November. Also a Beck B709 postmarked aboard the USS Joseph P Kennedy Jr rather than the designated USS Canisteo thanks to Wolf Magnus. Also an Apollo 10 USS Princeton B787 with missing background colour and with the number on the left side of the cachet rather than the usual right, again thanks to Wolf Magnus.

6 December 2019
Added a USS Wasp cover with a ship's cachet plus an George Goldey text cachet to Gemini 6A.

11 November 2019
Added a couple of USS Wasp covers with printed corner cards to Gemini 9A and Gemini 12. Added an interesting Society of Israel Philatelics USS Nicholas cover to Apollo 9.

11 November 2019
Added a very interesting USNS Vanguard cover to Apollo 7. It has a Navy cachet on the front and a black one on the back!

9 November 2019
Lost and Found. Added a unique USS Wasp cover to Gemini 7. This cover on USS Wasp stationary was apparently cacheted during the mission (December 1965) with a Navy cachet on the front and the ship's cachet on the back. It was then lost for 2 and a half years when it was found and postmarked at West Palm Beach in May 1968!! A very nice find.

8 November 2019
Added a very nice USS New Orleans postcard postmarked on the 23 July 1975 to ASTP thanks to Alec Bartos. Also added a request for information on a missing cover.

5 November 2019
Added a number of covers to Apollo 11 for the 50th anniversary of the splashdown.

30 October 2019
Two more questionable Morris Beck covers were recently sold on eBay. Please read my page on them and please contact me if you purchased one.

17 October 2019
Added an extremely unusual and rare Captain's cover to 'Captain and Crew Covers'. It has a rare maroon Ship's cachet on the back, uses a 10c stamp (unusual) and has Jim Lovell's signature. In addition the gold printing is slightly offset from the blue printing. All in all, a great cover!

12 October 2019
Added a USS Norris cover with an early postmark to Gemini 10 thanks to Andre Gutmann.

10 October 2019
Three questionable Morris Beck covers were recently sold on eBay. Please read my page on them and please contact me if you purchased one.

9 August 2019
Added a major new discovery by Wolf Magnus. The first Apollo 17 USS Recovery cover that is known.

5 July 2019
Added a new section on Goldcraft covers. I am working on a section on Gordon covers.

7 June 2019
Added a Artopages cover with USS Okinawa postmark to Apollo 15 thanks to Joseph Volutza. Also added a Gemini 7 USS Wasp Type 2 Crew cover to Captain and Crew Covers thanks to Timothy Preston.

30 April 2019
No major additions. However, did add covers to Shuttle SRB Recovery Covers and Stamps and Minisheets. Also minor items to other pages so check your favourite page.

7 March 2019
Added a new discovery from Tom Steiner, a USS Nimble cover from Gemini 4! First one I've seen. Also added USS Skill and USS Vesole (not involved) covers to Gemini 4 thanks to Tom. All with Harry Gordon cachets.

24 February 2019
Added a  newly discovered variety of Apollo 6 USS Austin postmark. All postmarks to date have a dot after the M in AM. Now one has been discovered without the dot. Note that since the ink on the postmark is heavy, it seems unlikely that the dot missed being inked. Look out for this variey and please let me know if you find an example.

14 February 2019
Added a reply from Tom Steiner to the possible fake Beck like cover. Also added lots of new stamps with more to come.

14 February 2019
WARNING - Added a section on fake covers. At present it only lists one recently discovered, and reported on collectSPACE, Beck like cover but over time I'll add others. A must read section.


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